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The 2nd Baseline Ep 8 and show notes

The 2nd Baseline Ep 8 and show notes

This week we talk about FA Moves and contract extensions.Nelson Cruz & Ubaldo Jimenez to the O’s and Atlanta contract strategy going forward. Jesus Montero eats to much. details on MLB The Show 14.We also get in to fantasy talk. You can join the conversation on twitter by following us @The2ndBaseline or email us at The2ndBaseline@gmail.com. also hit us up for info on listener fantasy leagues. Hit that subscribe button 

Show Notes

Segment 1 Fantalk

1. reminder about listener leagues

2. the show ps3 league


Segment 2 News


Nelson Cruz signs 1  year 8m deal with O’s

stats http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/c/cruzne02.shtml


Ubaldo Jimenez signs 4 year 50 mill deal with O’s  

Ubaldo Jimenez stats


Homer Baily

dealHomer Bailey agrees to $105M deal

stats baseball-reference


brett gardner 4yr/52mil

Brett Gardner stats


andrew baily 1yr minor

Yankees sign Andrew Bailey to a minor league deal




Braves extensions.  John hart

Freeman 8 135

Kimbrel 4 42m

Simmons 7 58m

Hayward 2 13.3m

Teheran 6 32.4



Trout 5 at 130????


Jesus Montero gets fat


jose fernadez rides bike 600 miles a wk


barry bonds gets skinny and goes to giants camp


15 mins. Kids are begging for food. Damn kids

Segment 3 Video games


mlb the show

release april 1 PS3, Vita…..may for PS4

   features http://forums.theshownation.com/showthread.php?t=24964

RBI baseball

   no news spring 2014

Segment 4    Fantasy talk wild card


The 2nd Baseline Ep 7

The 2nd Baseline Ep 7

This week we talk about Jeter Anouncing retirement after 2014 season, Arod Drops lawsuits, FA Moves, Fernando Rodney signs w/ Mariners, Bronson Arroyo to D-backs, AJ burnet to philies, Ralph Kiner dies at 91, ABLCS,Caribbean baseball series, Cashman calling Tanaka a #3, Roy Oswald retires, in Fantasy  talk we discuss who should be the #1 overall pick miggy or trout. you can join the conversation on twitter by following us @The2ndBaseline or email us at The2ndBaseline@gmail.com. also hit us up for info on listener fantasy leagues.


Show Notes Ep 7


Segment 1 Fantalk
1. reminder about listener leagues 
        hit us up @the2ndbaseline on twitter or The2ndBaseline@gmail.com
2. Question to the Fans “puttin it to the streets” 
       where do you play fantasy baseball? and Why?
3. Listener response of the week
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Segment 2 News

1.  Jeter Anounces retirement after this season
Derek Jeter Says He’ll Retire at End of 2014 Season
stats Derek Jeter

2. Arod Drops lawsuits
       cbs story arod

3. FA Moves
 Fernando Rodney signs w/ Mariners 14mil/2yrs
Fernando Rodney agrees to sign with Mariners
stats Fernando Rodney

Bronson Arroyo to D-backs 
Bronson Arroyo, D-backs reach deal

aj burnet
Source: AJ Burnett to Phillies 

other signing 

4. Ralph Kiner dies at 91
    mlb.com indepth story

5. ABLCS  
                  shout out to Night owls coverage
       Game 1 Canberra Calvary @ Perth Heat Feb 7th 3:05am PST
              Heat 4 Calvary 3 14th inning walk off by the Heat
                  Box score
         game 2 Heat win 2-1 become chamos for 3rd time in 4yrs 
                  box score

6. Caribbean baseball series
     1. cuba eliminated       2. Series wrap up

7. Cash man calling Tanaka #3 

8. Roy Oswald retires

Segment 3   Fantasy  talk

    1. #1 overall pick miggy or trout


The 2nd Baseline episode 5

The 2nd Baseline episode 5

episode 5

The empire strikes back

Yankees make it rain for Tanaka, Gomes shows his love for Arod and Free Agents gone wild. Our guest this week is Dave Klopfenstein from Callofthepen.com to talk Tanaka and Nippon Baseball be sure to follow him @yakyunightowl on twitter. you can follow us @The2ndBaseline or drop us an email at The2ndBaseline@gmail.com


show notes and links

1.   Tanaka signs with Yankees 7yr/155mil

          1. opt-out after 4

          2. Tanaka will wear #19

          3. How will this effect the yanks and the al east

          4. What effect will this have on Japanese baseball..

          5. Will tanka dominate on this level this season or will he take a year or 2 to adjust.

          6. Will Tanaka struggle against tough al east competition

          7. who is the next superstar on the radar in japan


stats link Masahiro Tanaka


puts yankees over luxury tax




2. Johnny gomes rips Arod  over suing players union. link


3. Maddux and LaRussa entering Hall of fame without a team listed on cap. link


4. FA signings- should drop like flies now

         1. Matt Garza/Brewers    4yr/50mil

The holdup with the contact signing was due to deferred money and contract language.


stats link Matt Garza


        2. Grant Balfour/ Rays     2yrs/12mil


stats link Grant Balfour


       3. Grady sizemore signs with the redsox.

Red Sox’s Grady Sizemore Gamble Could Be Surprise X-Factor

stats link Grady Sizemore


       4. Philly signs bobby abreu

Is the Bobby Abreu Signing by the Philadelphia Phillies as Bad as It Seems?

stats link  Bobby Abreu


5 Rodney visits mets

The Mets are talking to Fernando Rodney

stats link Fernando Rodney


6. Tyler Colvin/ Orioles’ 2nd contract in jeopardy over physical

http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/10335532/tyler-colvin-deal-baltimore-orioles-hold-due-physical    stats link Tyler Colvin